Mudlark (Jilinbirri) Metals

18/06/2015 - 27/05/2018

  • Bronze Bangarra
    Marjorie Winmarr Bronze Bangarra
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    Image courtesy of Anton Blume

About the exhibition

Mudlark (Jilinbirri) Metals is a delicate and intricate body of work that captures detailed woven designs and represents a traditional Aboriginal craft in metal. This exhibition showcases the work of the Jilinbirri Weavers in a new and contemporary art form, and brings to life the Aboriginal artists' sense of community and cultural heritage. ART ON THE MOVE presents this exciting, contemporary exhibition and will be touring these intricate works throughout Australia. 

In 2013, contemporary WA jewellery designer Helena Bogucki travelled to Carnarvon to experience this sense of community and work with the Jillinbirri Weavers to develop their art forms. Through the use of traditional materials such as grasses and wool, and experimenting with found objects, such as wire, seeds, and banana fibre, the Weavers have translated their woven forms into innovative cast metal objects. 

The Jilinbirri Weavers are a small group of Aboriginal artists from Carnarvon in WA, including Antoinette Roe, Elaine Moncrieff, Marjorie Winmar and Avy Robinson. They have worked together since 2004, dedicating their lives to cultural heritage and community through their arts practice, creating a unique and contemporary style that celebrates the Gascyone region and their community. 

Mudlark Metals woven baskets were created as representations of the Jilibirri Weavers time spent at the Gascoyne river flats, “where the desert meets the sea" . These works were crafted in traditional materials inspired by the artists' childhood stories, growing up in station out camps around the Pilbara and Murchison areas. Many stories of family fishing trips, camping and horse riding in the outback, can be seen through these detailed works. 

The word Jilinbirri comes from the North West Australian Aboriginal Yamatji word for an Australian bird, and is also known as mudlark in Western Australia. Jilinbirri's are characterised by their group gatherings and playful behaviour, they are also well known for their nests made of grass and plant material woven together with mud, lined with feathers and fur. 

Mudlark Metals brings together the community spirit and childhood stories of the Jilinbirri Weavers and showcases their beautiful intricate works in a unique and contemporary art form. 

About the artists

Artists: Helena Bogucki (mentoring artist), Elaine Moncrieff, Marjorie Winmar, Toni (Antoinette) Roe, Avy Robinson


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