25/03/2017 - 14/05/2017

  • Absence of Evidence
    Peta Davies Absence of Evidence , 2015
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    Image courtesy of Bo Wong

About the exhibition

Transcending the grim and the personal, this exhibition re-evaluates the centenary of ANZAC Day and Australia's involvement in WWI. 16 artists from Albany-based MIX Artists Incorporated examine the work carried out by the home front, the internment of enemy aliens, the forgotten and undocumented war dead, the war horse and the ever-hopeful correspondence between the home-family and the warrior. Pulling apart some of the communal and national assumptions embedded in our day of commemorative remembrance, HomeFRONT presents us with many very poignant, hand-crafted moments of individual thoughtfulness.

About the artists

Artists: Kerrie Argent, Lynley Campbell, Ann Copeman, Jenny Crisp, Peta Davies, Annette Davis, Renee Farrant, Michelle Frantom, Indra Geidans, Jillian Green, Nikki Green,Robyn Lees, Rachel Mordy, Terri Pikora, Nat Rad and Sheryl Stephen


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