In Depth: Jo Bone

10/03/2017 - 06/05/2018

  • Blue Sand Dollar (detail)
    Jo Bone Blue Sand Dollar (detail) , 2014
    Blown glass, cold worked
    9 x 39 cm
    Image Credit
    Aaron S. Micallef

About the exhibition

Glass artist Jo Bone and her father spent many hours of her English childhood buying and collecting exotic seashells, and many more hours imagining the exotic environments from which they hailed. The collection subconsciously fostered a fascination for pattern and intricacy in natural objects – a fascination that has found expression through Jo’s glass practice. On moving to Australia in 2002, Jo found herself living alongside Queensland’s marine environment, the original home of some of her beloved shells. The colours, textures and forms found in this new environment have reinvigorated her interests in pattern, regularity and repetition.

Inspired by found objects from the seashore, including seagrasses, sand dollars and other marine creatures, Jo has revisited her childhood love of pattern and repetition in this new body of work. The sense of depth and layers within the surface of the pieces engage the viewer and invite intimate observation and quiet contemplation.

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Jo Bone

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