Colours of the Country III: The Alice Springs Beanie Festival

12/12/2014 - 25/06/2017

  • Galahs Tjuta
    Cora Meruntja Galahs Tjuta , 2012
    Hand stitched felt beanie and emu feathers
    13 x 20 x 20 cm
    Image Credit
    Courtesy of Alice Springs Beanie Festival

About the exhibition

This third national touring exhibition from the Alice Springs Beanie Festival takes the Colours of the Country collection  to visit good friends across the country and anticipates making some new friends to boot.

Celebrating the creativity and imagination that have become synonymous with the Alice Springs Beanie Festival and elevating the humble Beanie to an art form over the years, this exhibition displays the fine craftsmanship and flair of beanie makers across the country. This series of exhibitions continues to delight and entrance, giving strength to the continuing story, community development and popular appeal of the Alice Springs Beanie Festival.

The colourful and whimsical essence of the Beanie Festival is encapsulated in the exhibition and works produced by Indigenous artists of the Central Desert regionwho are regular collaborators in this cross-cultural eventare a real highlight. From the first crazy pair of underpants placed on heads, this exhibition has embraced the development of the Beanie to a finely crafted ‘Mukati’ tradition which has now come of age. This exhibition inspires audiences to laugh, don crazy headwear and bring out those knitting needles all over again.

About the artists

Val Hornibrook, Beryl Ryan, CASA, Kaye Wynn, Valli Warry, Robin, Hodgson, Sidni Monroe, Robin Hodgson, Penny O’Neill, Jeanne Llewellyn, Ruth Spence, Rebecca Bridgeman, Marilyn Hunter, Trish Castillo, Rita Matthews-Carlyle, Lorraine Boomer, Ellen Blake, Helen Walter, Sue Armstrong, Margaret Hawkin, Kristen Dibbs, Nola Spence, Louise Skelt, Frances Hutson, Robyn MacShane, Suzie Smith Debbie Taylor and Ann Holland, Sue Theile, Nancy Hall, Julie Brennan, Barbara, D’Arbon, Lisa Waller, Kyla D’Aubbonnett and Rebecca Lewis, Kyah Gillen, Gloria Sutcliffe, Helen Walters, Linda Norton, Adi Dunlop, Adi Dunlop, Marie Shilling, Nita Ferguson, Cora Merunjta, Nita Ferguson, Sandra Summerfield, Amanyi Haggie Amanyi Haggie, Marie Shilling, Nita Ferguson, Nita Ferguson, Cora Merunjta Cora Merunjta, Jeanette Ungawanaka, Geraldine Moneymoon, Sid Okai, Jill Bolton and Fregon School, Thelma Riley, Ursula Williamson, Antjula Robin Ann Ramzan and Fregon school Children, Nita Ferguson, Maureen Watson, Lilly Tjiweri, Roseanne Brown, Inpiti Winton, Rita Davey, Tashianna Glenn, Lillian Burke Jennifer Wongaway, Jezebel Presley, Janelle Ross, Audrey Kitson, Cynthia Wheeler Margaret Napangardi Brown, Sally Rubuntja, Rhonda Napanangka, Anna Seven Betty Conway, Sharon Alice, Veronica Turner, Kitty Richards, Maureen Poulson Isobel Major, Rachel Stockman, Isobel Major Nampitjinpa, Sharon Butcher Sharon Butcher, Kristy Tabone, and Tennellie Spencer.

Touring Venues
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Touring exhibition from Artback NT in conjunction with the Alice Springs Beanie Festival, the Australia Council for the Arts and the Community Benefit Fund, Access 2 Arts and the Northern Territory Government Department of Arts and Museums.