Beta Blocker

20/01/2017 - 28/01/2018

  • Xylem series - Haplostele17
    Miik Green Xylem series - Haplostele17 , 2014
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    Image courtesy of Jo D'arcy

About the exhibition

BETA BLOCKER references the group of drugs that combat various heart conditions, and links the ideas of tension and disequilibrium in arts practice to the biological. Using mixed media on aluminium WA artist Miik Green creates translucent, colourful surfaces that seemingly capture movement in the momentary. Pigments, inks and resins are mixed with resistant media creating structures that react and emerge within the surfaces of the works. These vivid microbial-like forms are encapsulated as the resin seals, trapped in opposing interaction. The structures appear both natural and unnatural; shapes that suck and spill - retreat and extend. It is this paradoxical space, set between two extremes in which the work in BETA BLOCKER evolves: a site of conflict and tension where the cellular division of mitosis could also be seen as pathogenic replication.

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