The Life and Times of Scarface Claw

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    Exhibition installation view

About the exhibition

'The Life and Times of Scarface Claw' is an exhibition in two parts. Part One showcases the development of Scarface Claw’s character as told through the several books. Part Two is Lynley Dodd’s new book, Scarface Claw, Hold Tight! in its entirety. All the works you see in the exhibition are Lynley Dodd’s original final artwork as it is sent to the publisher for scanning and printing.

Section 1: artworks of the character of Scarface Claw as he appears from his first appearance in Hairy Maclary from Donaldson’s Dairy (1983).

• 1 photo of Squib requiring matting/framing

• 22 original watercolour of Scarface Claw requiring matting/framing Section 2: artworks from Hold Tight! Scarface Claw (2017)

• 16 original watercolours of Scarface Claw Hold Tight each page of the new book - these can be double windowed with the text below/beside each image as it appears in the book

• 2 display cases for working drawings of Scarface Claw Hold Tight

• 3 A4 pages of pencil drawings of the book dummy to be matted and framed

• 1 perspex box to hold a copy of the book

The exhibition can be enhanced with the following:

• Large scale rear vision mirror for children to look in to be adjacent to Hold Tight!

• Large scale page from the Touch and Feel book with Scarface Claw and his tongue made out of Velcro.

• Large scale Hide and Seek page of Hairy Maclary hiding behind the door from Scarface Claw.

• Reading nook (a set of books will be supplied by Penguin Random House free of charge).

The artworks are not matted or framed. This is to cut down on freight costs. Venues will matt and frame (often using stock frames). The crate/box measures: length 470 mm x width 370 mm x depth 160 mm.

International Art Services is the preferred courier. 

Artists and Curator

Penelope Jackson

Dame Lynley Dodd Born in 1941, Lynley Weeks was an only child who grew up in remote forestry areas of New Zealand’s North Island. From a young age she was an avid reader, enjoying books by writers such as Enid Blyton. Humour, fun and lots of pets characterized the Weeks’ family home.

On leaving school, Weeks attended art school at the University of Auckland, majoring in sculpture. She went on to be a secondary school art teacher before embarking on a career as a writer and illustrator. In 1965 Lynley Weeks married Tony Dodd, an English engineer.

Prior to the Hairy Maclary books, Dodd turned her hand to cartoon work, illustrations for the New Zealand Correspondence School, as well as illustrating picture books such as My Cat Likes to Hide in Boxes (1973).

The very first drawing of Hairy Maclary was made in 1979. It was a tiny drawing, made on a lined shopping notepad, of the ragamuffin dog. It was not until 1983 that Dodd would call upon this drawing, naming the dog Hairy Maclary, and writing her first book about him and the now famous gang.

Dame Lynley Dodd continues to live and work from her home in Tauranga, New Zealand.

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Available dates
31/10/2019 - 31/08/2021
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Between 50-75 sq or running metres
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Accompanying materials available
Labels, Public Program Opportunities
Other materials
All labels - short and extended and text panels - supplied as digital files. Ephemera for two display cases. Condition reports. Media information and public programming ideas. As part of the contract, both the artist and curator deliver public programmes. This is usually at the opening of the exhibition but doesn't have to be. Activities we can provide are: • Attend the official opening/launch of the exhibition • The curator can speak at the opening if there is an opening • Give a Q & A to the public and/or specific groups as needed. • Book signing • Floortalk by the Curator/staff training • Masterclass delivered by artist and curator.
Primary contact
Penelope Jackson
0064 027 291 6095