Signs of Your Identity

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  • Gary Edwards
    Daniella Zalcmann Gary Edwards, 2015
    Inkjet print mounted unframed
    500 x 500mm
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About the exhibition

For 120 years, the Canadian government operated a network of Indian Residential Schools that were meant to assimilate young indigenous students into western Canadian culture. Indian agents would take children from their homes as young as two or three and send them to church-run boarding schools where they were punished for speaking their native languages or observing any indigenous traditions, routinely sexually and physically assaulted, and in some extreme instances subjected to medical experimentation and sterilization.

The last residential school closed in 1996. The Canadian government issued its first formal apology in 2008. Generations of Canada’s First Nations forgot who they were. Languages died out, sacred ceremonies were criminalized and suppressed.

These double exposure portraits explore the trauma of some of the 80,000 living survivors who remain, and through extensive accompanying interviews address the impact of intergenerational trauma, lateral violence, and document the slow path towards healing.

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Head On

Daniella Zalcman

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Available dates
01/03/2017 - 01/03/2019
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Under 50 sq or running metres
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$1,500 (exc. freight)
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13 prints mounted unframed 500 x 500mm 1 Package 
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Tony Nolan
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Lauran Vohmann
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