Sea Gods

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  • Pauline Menczer
    Ashley Jones-Evans Pauline Menczer, c. 2000
    Image Credit
    Photo by Ashley Jones-Evans

About the exhibition

Through more than 40 portraits of Australian Surfing identifies, award winning photographer Ashley Jones-Evans creates a pantheon of gods; a photographic collection of heroes and trailblazers who made Australian surfing history.

The images in this exhibition call on classical statuary to render the men and women as heroes and gods. Shot in monochromatic tones, each surfer is posed vertically against an infinite and blinding horizon line, with a crispness and detail that ensures the viewer is also the subject, assessed by the eyes of the Sea Gods.

The exhibition gives a sense of the sport through the figures, with a rich tapestry of life included. Young, emerging champions stare confidently at the viewer, while others seem slightly hesitant about the process and their inclusion. The images were originally shot to form a book of the same name. This exhibition is the first time these works have been seen outside of the publication.

Artists and Curator

Bronwyn Coulston & Dale Jones-Evans

Ashley Jones-Evans. (Photographer, DOP, video-film maker)

Available Dates and
Exhibition Details

Available dates
05/10/2020 - 03/11/2024
Exhibition size
Between 50-75 sq or running metres
Originating state
Organised by
Shoalhaven Regional Gallery
$2,000 (exc. freight)
Accompanying materials available
Catalogue/Book, Education Kit, Exhibition Tour Manual, Installation Support Available, Interpretative/Didactic Panels, Labels, Media Kit, Public Program Opportunities, Signage
Primary contact
Bronwyn Coulston
Manager - Arts and Culture
Shoalhaven Regional Gallery
02 4429 5441
Secondary contact
Bridget Macleod
02 4429 5444
A touring exhibition by Shoalhaven Regional Gallery in partnership with Dale Jones-Evans & Ashley Jones-Evans