Post Natural History (Archeology of the future)

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  • Carrion Bird [Corvus memoria eidetica] Bird of memories
    Vincent Fournier Carrion Bird [Corvus memoria eidetica] Bird of memories, 2015
    Framed photographic print
    68 x 84 cm
    Image Credit
    Artwork © Vincent Fournier

About the exhibition

The Post Natural History project shows the archives of an imagined future caught between memory and projection where science, technology and living organisms have all intersected to create a handful of ultra-developed species with highly technological capabilities.

Based on conversations with synthetic biology specialists and presented with the aesthetic of encyclopedic boards these “upcoming living species” are familiar yet strange. Indeed, we "know" the rabbit or the lizard, but upon closer inspection, we realise certain differences. For example, the dragonfly possesses a transparent glass belly in which a luminescent sensor measures the rate of pollution.

Just like the bestiaries of origin from the Middle Age that were mixing the fantastic with the real, this imaginary archive is a mirror for our hopes, fears, and phantasms about the unknown. These surrealistic species are classified by alphabetical order with captions describing their new traits. The artists inspirations come from old illustrations, painting, poesy, myths and scientific facts. The exhibition consists of photographic images and SLS prints (3D).

Artists and Curator

Perth Centre for Photography

Vincent Fournier

Available Dates and
Exhibition Details

Available dates
01/09/2017 - 01/12/2019
Exhibition size
Under 50 sq or running metres
Originating state
Organised by
Perth Centre for Photography
$5,000 (inc. freight) - Contact to discuss
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Accompanying materials available
Digital Catalogue, Education Kit, Exhibition Tour Manual, Installation Support Available, Invitations or Invitation Template, Labels, Media Kit
Primary contact
Christine Tomas
Perth Centre for Photography
Department of Culture and the Arts, Institut Francais, French Embassy Sydney