Out there Nowhere

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  • Out there Nowhere - D2X6084
    Richard Tabaka Out there Nowhere - D2X6084, 2013
    Giclee on canvas
    99 x 144cm
    Image Credit
    Courtesy of the artist

About the exhibition

In this exhibition, Richard Tabaka combines his two passions - photography and flying. On a trip from Ballina to Birdsville in his open cockpit small aircraft, he captures the patterns, beauty and essence of the Queensland Channel Country landscape.

Taken from high above, these photographs of the earth are like abstract paintings. Features of the landscape that are usually recognisable are reduced to “brushstrokes” and dots. The photographs evoke dreams, questions, symbols, and a sense of spirituality and connection to the land.

The exhibition highlights the uniqueness of the iconic Australian outback and reveals the inimitable way that a camera can be used to re-present the traditional landscape artwork.

Artists and Curator


Richard Tabaka

Richard has worked extensively in commercial and fine art photography, graphic design and book publishing since he migrated from Poland to Australia in 1982. Richard has participated in over 100 exhibitions in various parts of the world as a solo exhibitor or invited artist, using various media such as photography, film, video and installation.

His European heritage and conceptual art ideology inform the passion and style of his photography, which is evident not only in his everyday commercial work, but also in his personal, artistic work.

Richard has mastered the ability to photograph in a variety of genres: still life; landscape; studio; editorial; travel; and reportage with a particular affinity for working in extreme weather and light conditions and remote locations. He uses photography in a manner that demands a level of intellectual exercise from viewers.

Available Dates and
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Available dates
21/04/2018 onwards
Exhibition size
Between 50-75 sq or running metres
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Primary contact
Richard Tabaka
0407 281 687