Luminosity: Inscription of time by light

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  • Luminous still life
    Kris Smith Luminous still life, 2022
    2 channel WUXGA digital animation
    9.5 x 3.2 m (projection: dimensions variable)
    Image Credit
    Installation photograph by Toby Tull, Newy Digital

About the exhibition

Kris Smith is an artist with a longstanding interest in the rhythm and visual poetry of natural light, and our place within the landscape. Be absorbed by expansive ideas of time, light, and the sublime in this display of still images and video works.

The artworks presented are mainly in the form of synchronised screen compositions, but also included is a large-scale projection made up of 70 panels, each showing different aspects and time slices of abstract details of a still life. These details are slowly changing as the sun passes across the sky.Another work invites us to contemplate geological time as we observe a time-lapse triptych of a snow-capped mountain.

Also featured is a wall of small images depicting minuscule, coloured cubes swept by a single vertical moving shadow (cast by the sun over a period of four seasons). This particular work honours the cumulative effect of spending a small amount of time on a range of activities chosen for their personal significance. This exhibition was first held at Maitland Regional Art Gallery

Artists and Curator

Kim Blunt, Senior Curator, Maitland Regional Art Gallery

Kris Smith’s expertise includes photography, digital multimedia, painting and printmaking.

Images from his portfolio have been showcased at such venues as the Pearl Street Gallery, Brooklyn New York; Wieliczka Gallery, Poland; Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts (PICA); The Art Gallery of NSW; Maitland Regional Art Gallery; Lake Macquarie City Art Gallery; the University of North Carolina and the SMARTlab, University of East London.

Artistic style and influences: Kris has an ongoing interest in the rhythm and visual poetry of natural light. Using time-lapse photography, the path of the sun and the consequent changing colour temperature of light throughout a day is documented in a range of environments. Photographs and digital animations are constructed that emphasise these qualities of light and the impact of apparently subtle changes that occur over time.These images are presented as a combination of digital prints and digital projections. Underpinning the works are studies of pre-cinema time-lapse photography, for example the work of physician and physiologist Etienne-Jules Marey, and post-cinema modernist films of the 1920’s investigating time as a fourth dimension in art. Contemporary artists such as Michael Wesely, Bill Viola, and David Claerbout are also key influences.

Available Dates and
Exhibition Details

Available dates
01/07/2024 - 30/06/2028
Exhibition size
Under 50 sq or running metres
Originating state
$2,800 (exc. freight)
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Accompanying materials available
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Other materials
The exhibition package includes 3x HD media players plus 3x 4K media players preloaded with digital files and 2x network hubs/ethernet switches to enable the synchronisation of video works. This equipment fits in 3x standard shipping boxes (freight not included) 31 cm x 22.5cm x 11cm. 2x framed prints 105 x 78 cm also accompany the exhibition. [Note: the exhibition price mentioned doesn't include freight, printed wall graphics, projectors, or screens] Wall graphics are available in print ready digital format. QR codes linking to further information could be provided for works included in the exhibition. The artist may be available for floor talks by prior arrangement.
Primary contact
Kris Smith
0438 677 018
Original exhibition curation and presentation by Maitland Regional Art Gallery, with special thanks to senior curator Kim Blunt, and exhibition officer Linden Pomaré