Julius Caesar / Technology of Ancient Rome

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About the exhibition

Synopsis: This inter-generational interactive, historical and scientific exhibition focuses on the technology of Ancient Rome that shaped our modern world. It encourages visitors to experience history in a hands-on manner, featuring inventions such as watermills, odometers, cranes and battering rams. Awarded the Italian President's gold medal in 2011 this unique exhibition has already been enjoyed by more than 1.5 million visitors worldwide. Comes with award-winning educational material and merchandise on sale-or-return.

Category: Science, Technology, History and Art (suitable for all ages)

Primarily consists of: Reproductions of the technology of ancient Rome, many of which are interactive. Also includes reproduction maps and artwork, plus original artifacts.

Cost: Please contact for further information

Size: 500 - 600 square meters (5,000 - 6,000 square feet)

Venue length: Negotiable, but generally 3 - 6 months.

Special requirements: Projector or cinema to show movie

Previous venues: Taipei, Taiwan; Rome, Italy; Melbourne, Australia; Auckland, New Zealand; Wellington, New Zealand etc.

Artists and Curator

Thomas Rizzo

Artisans of Florence / Teknoart / Niccolai Group

Available Dates and
Exhibition Details

Available dates
01/03/2016 - 01/01/2020
Exhibition size
Over 100 sq or running metres
Originating state
Organised by
The Museum of Leonardo da Vinci (Florence, Italy)
Contact to discuss
Web Site
Accompanying materials available
Catalogue/Book, Education Kit, Installation Support Available, Interpretative/Didactic Panels, Labels, Media Kit, Signage
Other materials
Documentary film, award-winning educational resources; merchandise for museum gift shops on sale-or-return; computer-modeled animations; artwork; costumes; original artifacts; children's activities (such as Roman board games and reconstructable Roman arch). A large percentage of the exhibits are interactive.
Primary contact
Thomas Rizzo
Director of Travelling Exhibitions
Da Vinci Promotions; representing the Museum of Leonardo da Vinci (Florence, Italy)
(+61) 0421 175 339 (Australia)
Secondary contact
Stephanie Rizzo
(+61) 0407 848 963 (Australia)
The exhibition was created by the Artisans of Florence / Niccolai Teknoart