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  • Sharman Parsons
    Silvana van Dijk Sharman Parsons, 1994
    colour analog photography
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    Courtesy Sharman Parsons

About the exhibition

A series of Photographs of pioneering Indigenous artists! From the early nineties to the now by photographer, artist and musician Silvana van Dijk.

Silvana has been co director of Culturebank productions from the early nineties, where she and her partner Michael Cuming pioneered the idea to create a theatre in the heart of Brisbane with the sole purpose of collaborating with Indigenous artists through the media of music and dance. From this organic process ARC Dreaming Aboriginal dance theatre was born and through the sheer desire, hard work, dedication and overcoming cultural obstacles ARC Dreaming managed to tour the world's stages.The project was not funded but the tight knit collaboration managed to employ and nurture many Indigenous artists over many year's.

This exhibition is mostly a portrayal of those pioneering Indigenous artists and aims to leave a legacy on their behalf. This exhibitions contains images and footage of Indigenous people that have passed away . It is with this exhibition that we hope to honour and share the richness of Australia's identity!

Artists and Curator


Silvana van Dijk, born in the Netherlands migrated to Australia in the late eighties. She is a photographer and artists but is also a very accomplished musician . She plays the drum kit, percussion, concertina and is also part of a flamenco group, singing and dancing flamenco . Her chameleon like quality's have seen her tour around the world with her band Visions of a Nomad and Int acclaimed ARC Dreaming Aboriginal dance theatre. She has won photographic awards and has been part of touring photographic exhibitions.

Available Dates and
Exhibition Details

Available dates
01/02/2021 - 01/02/2026
Exhibition size
Between 50-75 sq or running metres
Originating state
Organised by
Culturebank Productions
$1,500 (exc. freight)
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Other materials
Digital book download, it is possible to have a simultaneous showing of documentary "Long Road to Olympia" depicting the work of Culturebank leading up to their representation for the Athens Olympics. A beautiful piece of work which also can be used as an educational tool on Indigenous Culture, Reconciliation in action and wildlife photography.
Primary contact
Silvana van Dijkj
Culturebank Productions
Secondary contact
Michael Cuming