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  • Inconvenience Store
    Marina DeBris Inconvenience Store, 2017
    Washed up objects, found packaging material
    3M x 3M
    Image Credit
    Jennifer Soo Photography

About the exhibition

The Inconvenience Store is set up exactly like a regular convenience store. The only difference is the store is filled with items found washed up on the beach.

These items are typical things found at a convenience store: water bottles, sunglasses, beach toys, candy, soda, thongs, swimming/surf/snorkel gear... and so on. All of these items have been found on local beaches and repackaged using materials found in trash bins or on the street. Each is labeled with a tongue in cheek title and description.

The display shows the public just how much of our daily items end up in the ocean.

The installation has won 4 awards, including the People's Choice Award at 2017 Sculpture By The Sea.

Items included in installation:

1) "Merchandise"

2) Sunglasses Stand

3) Drinks Container

4) Candy Machine

5) Sign

6) Postcard Stand

7) Hooks

8) Pegboard installation instruction*

*Requires an existing space, container or kiosk.


Watch a video about Inconveniece Store here:

Artists and Curator

Marina DeBris

Marina DeBris

Available Dates and
Exhibition Details

Available dates
07/05/2020 - 05/01/2024
Exhibition size
Under 50 sq or running metres
Originating state
Contact to discuss
Web Site
Accompanying materials available
Digital Catalogue, Installation Support Available, Invitations or Invitation Template, Labels, Public Workshops, Signage
Other materials
Educational Workshops - working with local schools and students making creations out recovered materials while learning about the issue of ocean pollution.
Primary contact
Marina DeBris
Washed Up
Marina DeBris