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  • ESSSENSSSE performance still
    HOSSEI ESSSENSSSE performance still, 2024
    Image Credit
    Photography by Jacquie Manning, courtesy of Verge Gallery.

About the exhibition

ESSSENSSSE is an aquatic ecosystem that explores the tenacity of the human spirit, stripping away corporeal human qualities and revealing what’s underneath. Originally conceived as part of Verge Gallery’s 2024 program, the exhibition was an ambitious and innovative program spanning installation, sculpture, music, live performance, artist talks and workshops. A creation of NSW contemporary artist, HOSSEI, ESSSENSSSE follows the trajectory of the artist’s exploration of using performance and costumes which aim to ‘heal’. The exhibition manifests as a large-scale installation, transitioning into a sensory performance featuring a cast of 15 otherworldly sea creatures with flowing fabrics and live vibraphone music. The vibraphone is the key element in the exhibition’s soundtrack, ESSSENSSSE remix, which is played as a low-sensory soundscape to the exhibition.

The innovation of ESSSENSSSE is reflected in its open reception to audiences of all abilities. ESSSENSSSE was co-designed with accessibility consultant Sarah Empey (QLD) and includes a rigorous program of accessibility measures for low vision/blind and neurodiverse communities. The multi-sensory installation is 100% tactile and includes audio descriptions with Braille points. Public programs delivered at Verge included workshops around accessible arts writing and a movement workshop involving diverse sensory, tactile and alternative communication approaches to encountering ESSSENSSSE performers wearing costumes featured within the show.

'ESSSENSSSE is the BODY, MIND, SPIRIT after a big night, looking at the sea for new beginnings'. HOSSEI

The exhibition is scalable and site specific allowing for it to be suitable for a diverse range of exhibition spaces. Elements of the exhibitions include 15 costumes, carpet tiles, vinyl and neon artworks. The works are suspended and construction of hanging grids for works may be required.

Accompanying the exhibition is HOSSEI’s merchandise range, BLESSSENSSE, and includes plush starfish, Loveknots and Sand Dollar DISSSK bags.

Artists and Curator

Tesha Malott


Available Dates and
Exhibition Details

Available dates
01/01/2025 - 01/01/2027
Exhibition size
Over 100 sq or running metres
Originating state
Organised by
Verge Gallery, the University of Sydney Union
$4,000 (inc. freight) - Contact to discuss
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Accompanying materials available
Audio Descriptions, Installation Support Available, Interpretative/Didactic Panels, Labels, Media Kit, Public Program Opportunities, Public Workshops, Signage
Other materials
Braille points/tactile tape, social media tiles and animations, exhibition poster.
Primary contact
Tesha Malott
Verge Gallery, The University of Sydney
0406 464 764
Secondary contact
Anthia Balis
0410 556 364
Developed by Verge Gallery and the University of Sydney Union