Dreams of another place

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  • Untitled (Little Star 3)
    Todd Fuller Untitled (Little Star 3), 2015
    charcoal, chalk, ink and acrylic on paper
    56 x 89cm
    Image Credit
    Courtesy of the Artist and MAY SPACE, Sydney

About the exhibition

For ten years, Sydney based Todd Fuller has been crafting hand-drawn animations exploring themes of love, loss, place, community, and difference. These award winning works are narrative based and are derived from Fuller’s experiences with a range of communities, sites, and histories. At the foundation of Fuller’s practice is a love of drawing and a belief in the power of drawing as a democratic method to connect, engage and delight audiences.

Available for online presentation, or physical exhibition using the host gallery’s own equipment, 'Dreams of another place' offers one to six uplifting, playful, reflective and joyous hand-drawn animations. From the story of 'Little Star', a dog who dreamed of going into space to the exploration of Parisian streets from the perspective of a hat caught on the breeze, this collection of works offers countless opportunities for escape, adventure and dreaming.

Fuller’s ability to transform the mundane and transport the viewer through his animations is an exceptional launching point for a range of children’s activities and online public programs. The exhibition includes access to a downloadable PDF children’s activity booklet, with a do-it-yourself animation guide and other activities based around 'Little Star'. Online public programs with Fuller will also be available upon request.

'Dreams of another place' can be adapted for a range of presentation models, with three versions of the exhibition available depending on the needs and budget of every institution. As an online exhibition format, watermarked Artworks are provided to the host organisation for your distribution on social media, newsletters or to be embedded on your organisations website. Please contact to discuss options, as well as options for public programs.

Version One Animation: 'Little Star' Includes downloadable 'Little Star' activity booklet $440.

Version Two Animation: 'Little Star', 'le chapeau de volante' and 'How to raise a siren' Includes downloadable 'Little Star' activity booklet $600.

Version Three Animation: 'Little Star', 'le chapeau de volante', 'How to raise a siren', 'Taking Flight', 'Billy’s Swan', 'Ode to Clarence' Includes downloadable 'Little Star' activity booklet and zoom public program with the Artist $800.


'Ode to Clarence' (2017) Created during a residency at Grafton Regional Art Gallery, 'Ode to Clarence' is a bittersweet exploration of the identity shifts currently taking place in rural areas and our relationship and reactions to these changes.

'Billy’s Swan' (2017) Using Peter Darling’s choreography of the Dream Ballet pas de deux from the musical Billy Elliott as a launching point, Fuller re-lives his childhood experiences dancing in a rural community. Part self portrait and part animated solo this work reflects on the relationship between gender, dance and place, as well as the queer community’s ability to draw resilience, beauty and strength from chaos.

'How to Raise a Siren' (2016) Telling the story of a boy who catches a dugong falling from the sky before taking it home to raise in a bathtub, this whimsical and melancholic animation explores innocence, naivety and imagination, as well as the loss of these qualities during the transition from child to adult.

'Little Star' (2015) Based on Zvezdochka (Little Star), the 11th dog sent into space under the Soviet space program, 'Little Star' invites you into the imaginings of a dog dreaming of space, while addressing issues around loss, love, friendship, ambition and yearning.

'Taking Flight' (2013) Created during a residency at Sydney Grammar School, the work features a paper plane’s journey through the school grounds.

'Le Chateau du Volante' (2010) Following a hat blowing through the streets of Paris, this is one of Fuller’s earliest animations and was created while in residence at the Cite Internationale des Arts, Paris.

Artists and Curator

Todd Fuller

Todd Fuller

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Available dates
18/04/2020 - 31/12/2020
Exhibition size
Under 50 sq or running metres
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$440 (inc. freight)
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Children's activities Online public programs
Primary contact
Todd Fuller
Artist and coordinator
Secondary contact
Amy Hill
Courtesy of the artist and MAY SPACE, Sydney