Da Vinci Machines Exhibition

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About the exhibition

Explore the mind of artist, scientist and polymath Leonardo da Vinci in this award-winning interactive exhibition for all ages. On loan from the Museum of Leonardo da Vinci in Florence, Italy, the exhibition contains over 60 inspiring and hands-on inventions. This iconic collection includes inventions such as the bicycle, scuba suit, spring-powered car, hang glider and the aerial screw, a precursor to the modern helicopter. Comes with award-winning educational material and merchandise on sale-or-return.

Category: Science, Technology, History and Art (suitable for all ages)

Primarily consists of: Reproductions of da Vinci’s machines, many of which are interactive. Also includes reproduction artwork.

Cost: Please contact for further information Size: 400 - 600 square meters (4000-6000sq feet)

Venue length: Negotiable, but generally 3 - 6 months

Special requirements: Projector or cinema to show movie

Previous venues: Over 30 countries, including venues in: Adelaide, Australia (The Museum of South Australia); Dubai, UAE Taipei, Taiwan; Sydney, Australia; Christchurch, New Zealand; Hong Kong, China; San Diego, USA; St Louis, USA; Boston, USA; Sacramento, USA; Atlanta, USA; Rome, Italy; Florence, Italy etc.

Organisation: Da Vinci Promotions, representing the Museum of Leonardo da Vinci (Florence, Italy)

Artists and Curator

Thomas Rizzo

Niccolai Group/Artisans of Florence/Teknoart

Available Dates and
Exhibition Details

Available dates
10/12/2015 - 01/01/2020
Exhibition size
Over 100 sq or running metres
Originating state
Organised by
The Museum of Leonardo da Vinci (Florence, Italy)
Contact to discuss
Web Site
Accompanying materials available
Catalogue/Book, Education Kit, Installation Support Available, Interpretative/Didactic Panels, Labels, Media Kit, Signage
Other materials
Merchandise for museums on sale-or-return; award-winning educational material; computer-modeled animations; large percentage of interactive exhibits; rare codices; artwork. Comes with feature-length documentary film, and with a condensed version.
Primary contact
Thomas Rizzo
Director of Travelling Exhibitions
Da Vinci Promotions; representing the Museum of Leonardo da Vinci (Florence, Italy)
(+61) 0421 175 339 (Australia)
Secondary contact
Stephanie Rizzo
(+61) 0407 848 963 (Australia)
Created by the Niccolai Group/Teknoart/Artisans of Florence International