Bugle Boy and the Electric Boogaloos

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  • Call and response
    Todd Fuller Call and response, 2022
    Digital video: tag tool live animation performance, 6:17min
    dimensions of animation variable
    Image Credit
    Live animation: Todd Fuller, Performer: Ryley Gillen. Trumpet and bugle calls for the Australian Army by Captain W.G.Bentley A.R.C.M. Sydney, Angus & Robertson LTD. Courtesy of .M Contemporary

About the exhibition

For over a decade, Sydney-based artist Todd Fuller has crafted hand-drawn animations exploring themes of love, loss, place, community, collaboration, and identity. These award winning works are derived from Fuller’s experiences with a range of communities, sites, and histories. At the foundation of his practice is a love of drawing and a belief in its power as a democratic method to connect, engage, and delight audiences. Often treated as a secondary part of his practice, Fuller regularly develops performance drawings using technologies such as live animation to map unseen remnants of creative and everyday acts.

Available for physical presentation within a Gallery space utilising the host Gallery’s own equipment, Bugle Boy and the Electric Boogaloos is a live animation performance created with a bugle player. The piece performs 12 traditional bugle calls before articulating them as abstract patterns drawn in light. It finishes with a crescendo of contemporary bugle playing. The body of work comprises of a central video artwork with an optional installation of large painted boards for display.

Just as the bugle called troops from their slumber, this video artwork asks line to mobilise. In this series of experimental videos and drawings, Fuller collaborates with conductor and brass musician, Ryley Gillen. Together they create an interdisciplinary call and response. In these works, drawing is activated in the form of live animation to perform alongside composition and live music as the pair create duets between their mediums in real time. Here, the artists undertake a contemporary song cycle, as unexpected art forms harmonise and advance.

This exhibition also offers additional options of public programs, artists talks or live performances at extra cost.

Artists and Curator

Todd Fuller

Todd Fuller & Ryley Gillen

Available Dates and
Exhibition Details

Available dates
15/08/2022 - 01/01/2024
Exhibition size
Under 50 sq or running metres
Originating state
Organised by
Bundaberg Regional Gallery, Queensland
$440 (exc. freight) - Contact to discuss
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Accompanying materials available
Public Program Opportunities
Other materials
Todd Fuller is available for drawing and animation classes, and performance for public programming at an additional cost. $440 - video only $880 - all works (film, 3x paintings and sketchbooks) Excluding GST + freight
Primary contact
Todd Fuller
Artist and coordinator
.M Contemporary
0418 476 332
Courtesy of .M Contemporary, Todd Fuller, and Ryley Gillen