Billy Missi’n Wakain Thamai

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  • 'Ap aw Aidan | Food from the Garden'
    Billy Missi 'Ap aw Aidan | Food from the Garden', 2000
    vinyl-cut, printed in colour
    matrix: 295 x 445 mm
    Image Credit
    dition: artists’ proof, printer: Theo Tremblay.

About the exhibition

Billy Missi’n Wakain Thamai is an exquisite bilingual, retrospective exhibition honouring the artistic legacy of Billy Missi (1970 – 2021), a prominent figure in the establishment of the Torres Strait Island printmaking movement in the 1990s. 

Working with the family and friends of the late Billy Missi, the Curator, Russell Milledge, and NorthSite Contemporary Arts, presented Billy Missi’n Wakain Thamai, in Cairns in 2020.

Billy Missi is remembered as a prolific artist and proactive maintainer of language and culture for his people. Rare and never-before-exhibited monoprints and etchings are included in this exhibition, alongside iconic linoprints by the artist.

The exhibition presents contemporary Torres Strait Islander culture and customs, paving the way for audiences to appreciate the rich collection of images and stories that speak to the artist’s way of life and legacy.

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Billy Missi

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Between 75-100 sq or running metres
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$4,500 (inc. freight)
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