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  • AFL Queensland All Nations Multicultural team member Isaac Mach in Brisbane
    Juanita Wilson AFL Queensland All Nations Multicultural team member Isaac Mach in Brisbane, 2014
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    Image courtesy Juanita Wilson

About the exhibition

According to the Refugee Council of Australia, there were 82.4 million forcibly displaced persons in 2020[i]. As a signatory of the UN Refugee Convention, Australia has obligations to assist. Yet in an age of increasingly hard-line policies, border control rhetoric overshadows human rights considerations. This is compounded by the largely negative portrayal of this vulnerable demographic in the mainstream media.

MAPgroup’s Beyond Borders documents the unique experiences of asylum seekers and refugees seeking a safer life under exceptionally challenging circumstances, through photographs and a multimedia production of short videos. Each of the 13 photographers explore varied themes including the universality of being a parent; the longing for loved ones separated by displacement or death; the difficulty of being torn between two cultures; and the importance of sports in building confidence amongst young people. But it is the words of the participants, woven into the exhibition, which are most powerful. Coming from a range of countries including Burma, Afghanistan, Vietnam, Jordan, Columbia, Iran and Somalia, Beyond Borders highlights their multifaceted experiences, stories and voices. And yet, these voices hauntingly suggest the countless others that will never be heard.

Beyond Borders reminds us that these are people, not problems. People who have much to contribute; people who have the same desires for their children; people who are resilient; and people who have so many stories to tell. Because it is through sharing personal stories that we can transcend the divisions between us- that we can go beyond borders.

Artists and Curator

Krystal Seigerman & Silvi Glattauer

Many Australian Photographers Group (MAPgroup) is an independent association of approximately forty documentary photographers who share a passion for, and commitment to, high quality, independent documentary photography (

Our members range from emerging photographers to well-established and experienced professionals, many of whom are recipients of national and international awards.

We use our various backgrounds and individual perspectives to explore diverse subjects. Through our photographs, we tell stories that might not otherwise be told by the mainstream media. And we produce enduring visual archives that will be of value to future generations.

Participating artists:

Julie Bowyer
Andrew Chapman
Rodney Dekker
Joseph Feil
Silvi Glattauer
Ponch Hawkes
Naomi Herzog
Jenny Hodge
Helga Leunig
Nicole Marie
Jim McFarlane
Michael Rayment
Annette Ruzicka
Maurizio Salvati
Krystal Seigerman
Marcus Thomson
Tobias Titz
Juanita Wilson


Available Dates and
Exhibition Details

Available dates
04/05/2022 - 01/01/2026
Exhibition size
Under 50 sq or running metres
Originating state
Organised by
$1,500 (inc. freight)
Web Site
Accompanying materials available
Interpretative/Didactic Panels, Invitations or Invitation Template, Labels, Media Kit, Public Program Opportunities
Other materials
MAPgroup will provide high resolution files that the gallery can print out for exhibiting as large panels. Each panel is a professionally designed layout of photos and text, which tells an individual’s story. MAPgroup will provide direction on optimal printing and mounting. The size is therefore flexible as the panels can be printed and arranged to suit any gallery space. A multimedia production of short videos (approximate total running time is 1 hour) is also provided. These are played in the exhibition space and some are also housed on MAPgroup’s website, which can be used as an educational resource:
Primary contact
Silvi Glattauer
Co-curator and photographer
0417 377 962
A MAPgroup exhibition, curated by Krystal Seigerman and Silvi Glattauer.