As Yet Unclear

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  • The Verdict (in pale pink)
    Stuart Spence The Verdict (in pale pink) , 2008
    Digital photograph
    120cm h x 41cm w

About the exhibition

As Yet Unclear is a multi-media photographic exhibition, comprised of digital photographs, written, video and audio accompaniments.

Sydney photographic artist Stuart Spence asks a selection of singer/songwriters, authors and poets to interpret his images as a freeform, unlaboured response.

Artists such as Tim Freedman (The Whitlams), Mark Seymour (Hunters and Collectors) and Luke Davies (Academy Award nominee for 'Lion') select images and compose pieces in unfettered response. 

Spence himself interprets a piece in a filmed monologue (see 'A Cloud Hangs Over New Year's Eve' video piece below). This piece, as well as other character-based monologues, could be performed live within the gallery space at openings and special events.

Gallery patrons are presented with small MP3 players and can listen to all musical and spoken word interpretations as they move around the space.

Artists and Curator

Stuart Spence

Stuart Spence Interpretations by: Mark Seymour- (Hunters and Collectors); Tim Freedman - (The Whitlams); Luke Davies - (author 'Candy' and Academy Award nominee for 'Lion'); Abby Dobson -(singer songwriter, ex lead singer of 'Leonardo's Bride, Aria Top 10 popular Australian singles, 'Even When I'm Sleeping'); John Birmingham - journalist, columnist, author 'He Died With A Felafel in his Hand'); Gyan - singer/songwriter, collaborator with Michael Leunig on album/tour 'Billy the Rabbit'; Greg Arnold - Singer/songwriter, ex lead singer of Things Of Stone and Wood; Andy White - renowned Irish singer/songwriter; Charles Jenkins - Melbourne singer/songwriter; David Field - actor, director, voice artist; Dr Helen Durham - International Humanitarian Lawyer with Red Cross and Senior Research Fellow Melbourne Law School; Bernie Hayes - singer/songwriter; Mark Giblin - musician, direction, animator, author.

Available Dates and
Exhibition Details

Available dates
07/04/2017 - 15/04/2020
Exhibition size
Between 75-100 sq or running metres
Originating state
Organised by
Contact to discuss
Web Site
Accompanying materials available
Digital Catalogue, Interpretative/Didactic Panels, Invitations or Invitation Template, Media Kit, Public Program Opportunities
Other materials
24 photographic prints, approx 80cm - 100 cm, portrait and landscape. A set of 20 x MP3 players with headphones, chargers and power boards for visitor audio experience. DVD of video piece. Postcards (for free duistribution). Press Release.
Primary contact
Stuart Spence
Exhibition curator and artist
Permanent Wave Media P/L
0407 278 479