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    Hiro Tanaka Untitled, 2000's
    Inkjet print mounted unframed
    305 x 400

About the exhibition

Times Square, New York, attracts so many different people from all over the place. Why? This place gives me illusions or feelings that the area has everything from everywhere - it feels like, like... everything is compressed into one small area; people, things, sounds, smell, foods, feelings and all kind of activities that we could imagine.

The difference between us also merges us all together making one big stream on the street. Everybody has their own concept of values and just doing their own things. All those experiences for people who stood there could be one limited special moment or just a part of negligible mundane life. It makes me wonder, where are they going? Where are they coming from?

Hiro Tanaka

Artists and Curator

Head On Photo Festival

Hiro Tanaka

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Available dates
01/03/2017 - 01/03/2019
Exhibition size
Under 50 sq or running metres
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Organised by
Head On Photo Festival
$1,500 (exc. freight)
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Interpretative/Didactic Panels
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20 prints mounted unframed 500 x 500mm Package 1/1 soft wrapped160x500x350mm
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Tony Nolan
Head On Photo Festival
02 9665 5865
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lauran Vohmann
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