Anatomy Lessons — by Michele Beevors

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    Ziraffe. Anatomy Lessons — by Michele Beevors

About the exhibition

Featuring meticulously-sculpted, life-sized skeletons, Anatomy Lessons - by Michele Beevors, is breathtaking and ethereal; making the visitor question their place in this web of the living and the dead.​ Each creature, once alive, becomes a work of art; painstakingly measured, drawn and sculpted from steel, wire, and foam, and knitted over, in a fine-art softening of the subject beneath. From the towering giraffe stretching 4.4 metres in height, head raised to the ceiling, to the army of 50 delicately rendered frogs, it is astounding. Seventeen years in the making, the creation of the pieces have been a long and exacting process: from measuring bones in museum basement collections, to sculpting and articulating skeletons, to the slow, meditative act of knitting. A silent, soft protest at the violence we are inflicting on the planet. ​The exhibition received critical success in its New Zealand showing. Enthralling in scale and stories, Anatomy Lessons stunned and delighted audiences, and is now available for touring exhibition bookings throughout Australia.

Artists and Curator

Emma Burns and Michele Beevors

Michele Beevors Anatomy Lessons is the work of artist Michele Beevors. Originally from Australia, Beevors has been practicing in New Zealand for the last 20 years. Head of Sculpture at New Zealand’s oldest and one of its most prestigious art schools, Beevors has exhibited in a number of galleries, museums and exhibition spaces in New Zealand, Australia and Vienna. Beevors work is accomplished, both in execution and the concepts that stand behind them. Masterful storytelling, by museum curator Emma Burns, concludes a breath-taking exhibition that is cohesive, intimate, and enlightening.

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Available dates
04/11/2024 - 01/04/2026
Exhibition size
Between 75-100 sq or running metres
Originating state
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Web Site
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Audio Descriptions, Catalogue/Book, Digital Catalogue, Education Kit, Exhibition Tour Manual, Installation Support Available, Interpretative/Didactic Panels, Invitations or Invitation Template, Labels, Media Kit, Public Program Opportunities, Public Workshops, Signage
Other materials
Marketing templates and media support available. The exhibition is available in packages for either museums or galleries, and is highly adaptable for smaller or larger spaces.
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Kate Oktay
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