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About the exhibition

1X4 is an innovative, collection-rich, social history exhibition exploring the multiplicity of narratives each object can tell. Designed as a flexible Covid safe regional tourer, this exhibition highlights the role of curators and historians in shaping how we perceive significance and that each person’s view of an object or event is different.

Elegant in design with a flexible layout, low rental fees and reasonable environmental controls, 1X4 allows regional museums in NSW to highlight multiple histories, a diverse historical collection and the art of museology in a small exhibition gallery.

Developed by Newcastle Museum, rather than labels on a wall, the secrets of 1X4 are revealed via your mobile phone or tablet by visiting 1x4.com.au. If you would like to delve deeper, pack your headphone for an audio tour.

The addition of NSW curriculum based educational programs, the use of tech savvy labelling and a cost-effective marketing suite makes 1X4 an accessible way to bring new audiences into your institution while not alienating long term patrons.

Museums use objects to tell stories. It sounds simple but it’s complicated.

Objects can tell multiple stories from many points of view. So, who chooses the story? Which story is the truth? In museums, curators choose an interpretation but 1X4 turns this upside down. Each object in this exhibition tells four distinct stories. You can listen to or read each of the four stories … or some … or none and just enjoy the beauty of the objects. Every story is the truth about the object and is a valid way to view the object, but they are all different.

1x4 is the overall national winner of the 2021 MAGNAs

The judges comments on 1x4:

This innovative and cost effective project would be a great template for regional museums and galleries. It is innovative in how it responds to a Covid world as well as telling stories in different and challenging ways. And, Small and perfectly formed from start to finish.


Artists and Curator

David Hampton

Available Dates and
Exhibition Details

Available dates
01/07/2021 - 01/07/2024
Exhibition size
Between 75-100 sq or running metres
Originating state
Organised by
Newcastle Museum
$3,000 (exc. freight)
Web Site
Accompanying materials available
Audio Descriptions, Education Kit, Installation Support Available, Interpretative/Didactic Panels, Labels, Media Kit, Mobile Phone App, Public Program Opportunities, Public Workshops, Signage
Other materials
Two installation staff iPads Social media tiles and animations https://www.facebook.com/CityNewcastle.au/videos/862018874620529
Primary contact
Julie Baird
Museum Director
Newcastle Museum
02 4974 1415
Secondary contact
David Hampton
02 4974 2483
Developed by Newcastle Museum